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Stories documenting our progress

Getting around China

My Chinese is very rudimentary but allows me to get around the back blocks of China to get good deals from the actual manufacturers.

This looks uncomfortable but it's better than walking ....

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Kangaroo-friendly barb wire

At Urisino the biggest hazard for fences are kangaroos.

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Goats thrive on organic weeds

First, water is pumped into our dam at Kialla for flood irrigating at the right time of the year.

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Special fencing wire for outback conditions

We explored some solutions for the fencing required at our locations.

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Our secret weapon: Soil Carbon Methodology

First we irrigate the paddocks with water at the right time of year - usually spring and autumn - to grow the natural seed bases in the soil. No fertilizer or pesticides are used.

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Mustering feral goats around the Urisino shearing sheds

Mustering feral goats , 300 km west of Bourke is a complicated and expensive procedure.

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Goats ring-bark trees

Goats are known to eat anything. Here when given access to young sapling gum trees they make short shrift of this tasty delight!

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That fence will have to go

Poor fences cause erosion due to cattle wandering near the water holes. These will be fixed soon.

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