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Mustering feral goats around the Urisino shearing sheds

October 20th 2016

Mustering feral goats , 300 km west of Bourke is a complicated and expensive procedure. Here we see motorcycles, portable fencing, 4x4 trucks and a B double to remove feral goats before the hot season comes.
image-1-2000Here a variety of feral goats are mustered into a paddock before being trucked out to the abattoirs or to Shepparton for breeding.


image-2-2000Even though the feed for the goats is good, the fences are poor and need replacing. When the price of goat meat was $1.00/kg several years ago, feral goats were either shot or left to die in the outback sun. See previous years posts. But now at up to $7.00/kg they are highly sought after. These paddocks are ideal for cattle grazing if fencing and water infrastructure can be improved.



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