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It just goes on

And on and on. Maintaining fire breaks is a constant challenge where distance and heat make the task very expensive.

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D9 for muscle

This d9 dozer makes quick work of the boundary fence line in Urisino.

Heavy machinery like this Caterpillar d9 bulldozer is what is required in the outback where vast distances between repair shops is a logistical nightmare.

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New pump

New electric pumps are much smaller than ones from five years ago.

This one here will pull 60 amps and 20meg per day at max output.

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The irrigated farm land

In the middle of summer, water is in short supply. One of the worst El Ninos is causing major heartache around Australia but at our Shepparton farms we have permanent water the year round.

Water is a funny thing. Places that have it often have too much but places that don't have it would benefit the most with only a little.

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Erosion and water pipes.

Poor fences cause erosion due to cattle wandering unhindered near water holes.

Water is often in short supply in the outback and also the number of locations of water points. Water bores are expensive to drill and maintain so only a few per several hundred thousand acres are dug.

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Goat proof fence

Goats are not difficult to control but they do need adequate fencing and good gates.

Here you can see new goat fencing on one of our shepparton properties.

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