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Special fencing wire for outback conditions

June 1st 2017

We explored some solutions for the fencing required at our locations.

Currently the number one premium grade fencing wire in Australia is Waratah Tyeasy. It is a blue 2.5mm high tensile wire that is used throughout Australia but is very expensive expecially in remote areas like Urisino with very long lengths of farm fences.

We then took a sample wire to China and tested it for properties that we could reproduce but at a cheaper wholesale price.strain gauge wire

We then tested both wires for high tensile strength and workability. After a few tries we came up with a wire that was 10% in T.S. but easier to work with in the field by hand.premium blue vs our custom high tensile wire 

Once the wire was manufactured we sent it to be galvanised.galvanising shop for wire 

and return 1500-meter rolls for transport to Australia.our special high tensile wire just galvanised 

And finally placed in containers for shipment. special made wire



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