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Stories documenting our progress

Pasture weed diet only

Out goats are fed 100% pasture weeds and are only supplemented with hay in a few weeks of summer.

No antibiotics or grain is added.

We believe our goats represent the most ethical raising of animals in their native environment that is possible.

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Third generation cross

It has taken us five years to get this little kid.

He is the third cross of the best attributes of an outback feral goat and a domesticated boar goat. Note the heavier front body type and better proportions compared to the skinnier but hardy outback goats

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Driest start in 25 years

Australia is in the grip of a cruel drought but Wanaaring billabong still has limited water.

This water hole feeds the many thousands of native birds, and marsupials that need to survive these terrible times.

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High reliability water

The farms south of Shepparton are in what is known as the irrigated farm lands and have access to water from these channels.

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First kid of year

Life goes on even when it doesn't rain.

This goat kid and mother are the first of many to be born in 2018 and is the result of cross breeding of original feral goats from Urisino and Kalahari reds and boar goats from more temperate climates.

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Small mulga trees take hold

These trees are several years old and show how nature can repair itself.

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Fragile land

Here a neighbour grazes cattle on his land and next door over the fence is ungrazed Urisino land.

In times of drought the top soil vegetation is stripped bare and takes years to heal itself.

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Cut line madness and the endless bush

The cut line is a road that has no name but goes from Wanaaring to the NSW- SA - QLD border, where there are massive state reserves and forests.

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