Healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical

How we select and raise our free range meat goats

Keeping the free range goat population controlled requires continuous intervention. Using passive and active mustering we select young goats to be taken to our Shepparton free-range farm in Northern Victoria. Older goats may be sold to market or humanely put down. Previously the young goats would be released back into the wild to continue the endemic overgrazing. The older goats might suffer worse fates, having their back broken and left to die, or wounded by shooting from airplanes.


Rotational farming

We raise the young goats to around 11 months to be sold as meat at farmer's markets and to restaurants at home and abroad. They are part of a progressive farm that maximises the efficiency of the grazing land and minimises the need for fertilisers and pesticides by using unconventional 'rotational farming'. This closely follows the pioneering agricultural methods of Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in the United States, popularised by Michael Pollan in his book 'The Omnivore's Dilemma'. 



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