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Sustainable sustainability

Ongoing reforestation

Our humane destocking strategy has been very successful. However this requires ongoing efforts and money to activley maintain the reduction in feral pests over such a large area.

Humane goat population-control

We subscribe to the humane destocking of feral goats.

The unpleasant (but legal) alternative is often to simply break the goat's neck and leave them to die in the bush if they are small and have no commercial value.

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Relocating Brumbies

Urisino has hundreds of wild brumby horses.

We humanely control their population and select some for trials in rearing for work or recreation.

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Honey bee ecosystem

Improving the ecosystem and micro-climate, as well as preserving the quality of the Paroo river, ensure that our honey bees can thrive on the yapunyah flowers.

Bird ecosystem

With facilities for eco-tourism and educational field trips for schools we can encourage greater awareness and a more conscientious approach to life and the environment.

Heritage preservation

Restoring the heritage of the Urisino area is desirable for its own sake. But it also gives us the opportunity to encourage further activities in the area to help with the conservation awareness.

Corporate retreats, running and biking races, and ecology education tours are all in the planning stage.

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